Work Methodology

In keeping with our commitment to provide exemplary services to our customers, we follow a meticulous work methodology process.

Our approach creates an environment of total trust and completes predictability that is transparent.

Plan Layout
A well-thought out plan is first laid out as to how the task on hand needs to be approached.

The plan involves our team working in close-concert with customers to acquire an insight into the companyís business objectives and area of operations, working process and sales practices. This is followed by a precise understanding of the customerís company objective, goals and overall expectations

This interaction helps us to assess the prevalent situation in the customerís business area and the possible outcome that could result of a business solution road map.

Ready Mode
This stage signifies that the team is in ready mode to approach the task on hand with confidence. Our team will have a complete understanding of the client issue and work on developing the business solution for the issue, a solution that aims to act as an effective catalyst to bridge the gap that existed between expectation and current processes. This will involve presentation of the plan outlay to the client.

Then follows the next phase where in we present and explain to the client the design mode in terms of workflow and design process modules. The client will get an overview of the plan outlay that lays down user roles and states the technical architecture infrastructural need etc that needs to be on hand for the success of the plan process. This will be followed by revelation of key design outputs including Requirements analysis, processes to technical process flow, design prototypes, desired testing outcome, etc.

With plan requirements clearly outlined, the next process will be implementation of the plan outlay. Our team will harness the full gamut of their expertise and experience supplemented by needed resources and manpower and the latest technology flow to get the plan into active mode. User roles and rights are galvanized into action, Data design is developed and existing systems are configured and integrated with the new systems that are put into place.

Then comes the final phase wherein the solution is tested for adherence to objectives. A complete analysis of the client environment during deployment is made followed by testing of the solution implementation and solution readiness

Then the solution goes live. Process and solution documents are vetted and handed over to the client