Software Testing/QA

The universal challenge : Quality Assurance

In Information Technology space application development and solution building are dealing with elevated challenges due to with low budgets, meagre resources, fast paced technology adaptation.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the act to ensure production of high quality products. This requires definition of quality standards and processes that minimizes product defects. Quality Control on the other hand is the act to detect or uncover defects with the intent to provide data to development to fix the defects and to management so that they can make informed decisions to allow or deny the release of the product. More often than not the same group of people who are responsible for both Quality Assurance end up being responsible for Quality Control as well.

QA Assessment
We provide summary and full assessment on process improvement, automation readiness and improve ROI with providing metrics and reporting. Testing CoE With needed prior analysis, we recommend a TCoE roadmap based on resources, budget, goals and expectations. We build custom roadmaps to get you there by process driven methodical approach. This would require relevant training, usage documents, defect and test asset reconfigurations, automation etc.

Automation in Quality Assurance
We bring a more efficient and faster to-to-automation methods using techniques and processes we have implemented for Agile development and Test Driven Development (TDD). Companies get tempted to automate UI application which do not offer durability of the solution. We bring custom data tools and utilize golden test under testing data management to bring faster automated solutions.

Test Data Management
A full strategy with understanding of data flow, identifying junction points and proposing effective solutions to build, alter, mask data. Test coverage metrics can be also be built part of the test data management strategy.

Load and Performance testing
We offer various solutions to generate test data for load and stress testing. We implement both industry leading tools as well as tool agnostic solutions for effective performance testing.

Mobile testing
We offer mobility as part of the overall testing solutions. We also provide custom mobile testing solutions and cross platform.

Cloud testing solutions
Building test environments in cloud and also providing API’s for test data management utilizing variety of cloud solution landscape.