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AGiForce-ERP (Accentiqa Group Inc's Cloud ERP)

AGiForce-ERP was built from the start not only to support a flexible, sustainable, extensible mentality but, to support the warehouse and production floor. AGiForce-ERP was built from scratch to take advantage of the multi tenant cloud and to support the most complex and simple business process.

AGiForce-ERP did not start as something else. We were not an accounting system that is trying to become something it is not. We did not take an existing on premise application and convert it to the cloud. AGiForce-ERP was built for the multitenant cloud as a true warehouse and manufacturing product. This is a key differentiator between us and the competition.

AGiForce-ERP with the platform provides an environment of collaboration, creating greater enterprise responsiveness, agility, and speed. Now everyone can work from the same playbook anywhere, anytime !

Unlike traditional in premise software that requires large IT investments and constant updates and patches. AGiForce-ERP is flexible, scalable and requires a bare bones IT infrastructure. With the platform, AGiForce-ERP is truly the most scalable and powerful WMS/MRP solution in the cloud today. Your decision-making will not be based on unpredictable demand, but on actionable metrics.

AG Reservation System

Accentiqa Group Reservation Software (AGRES)- From Bus ticket booking to movie ticket booking, hotel room , Cab booking with payment gateway integration, also through API inventory can be shared to other online seller.Options for creating Stations, Station Admin, Booking Points, Users, Agent Quotas, Bus Types, Drivers. CMS for offline braches, FAQ, Terms & conditions etc. Book tickets & print in just three easy steps ,Reports on daily Reservations,Cancellations, Easy reservation charts for any day to print, Search Ticket with PNR Number, Block tickets for a passengers on request with a time limit to pick up ticket, Cancel, view, print, block & unblock quota seats/ tickets ,Booking on Behalf of Offline Agent/Branch by Phone booking with their reference number, Give top up Agent Booking fare, Multi boarding stations & stages, Update Travel Details , Passenger Search :Search by Name or Phone number or Email., Manage your Terms & Conditions for Ticket Booking., Setting up a service , Customizable your own website , Connecting Vehicles, Easily manage schedule services , Change in rates commission for any selected days, Trip sheet reports , Online Agent Access & reporting , Dynamic Ticket Pricing , Communicate by SMS / e-mail / Inbox (Optional feature) , Manage all the Agents Accounts , Flexible Pre-pone/Post-pone of tickets with no cancellation charges , Partial Cancellation, Give API links to all Online portals and get more ticket to book , Availabilities of full open charts of online agents on other portal websites, Accounts and Exhaustive reports on collections.


AG Email Marketing Software:

AG Email Marketing Software helps the companies create, send, track and benefit from digital marketing which also includes powerful tools to completely automate your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops as well. Personalize your customer relations. Studies have shown that people respond better to emails that actually address them via their first name. AG Email Marketer allows you to capture your subscribers first name, last name, age, salary -- even their shoe size -- when they signup to your mailing list. You can then use these fields in your email to deliver personalized content. Track your eMail by Statics with split testing. Send a few variations of your email to a sample of your list and have the best performing one sent to the rest automatically.

Powerful newsletter and email campaigns build relationships Make sales. Promote your goods. Gather data. AG eMail Marketing software delivers powerful, user-friendly and affordable tools to create, send and track high-performance email and newsletter campaigns.Keep your lists clean and up-to- date with automated bounce processing. Invalid email addresses can be removed from your list automatically based on "smart bounce rules", helping keep your deliverability rate high. See the complete activity of a lead with event logging. Every time a lead opens your email, clicks a link or performs any other activity, it's logged against their history making it easy for you sales team to qualify their desire to purchase. Solicit and track feedback with surveys. NEW! Using the drag & drop editor you can create customized surveys and feedback forms which you can link to from your email campaigns.

Digital Organiser

Our online digital organizer has one unique advantage over all other digital diaries. It is equipped to give you reminders for every important appointment and event and it is also the most comprehensive package that allows you to store your most precious records and secure all your notes on your day-to-day dealings.

Mobile Computing Service

We are now developing products for the mobile computing products using XML to solve a unique and challenging set of data collection and management problems. With the explosive rate at which the hand held device usage is growing, these products have a huge market.