Product Architecting

The architecture of any product functions as its backbone and plays a vital role in maintaining the life of the product. To stay the course and be counted as a reliable product, the architecture must be designed in a manner that it stays robust, scalable and flexible that adapts to changing consumer, market and technology trends.

Our diverse software application development experience and proven project management processes ensure the success of each and every project; so a project's complexity, size or life span can be completely managed. Our project managers and solution architects implement linear or extreme programming project management methodologies depending upon a project's size, application complexity or customer requirements.

The areas covered by us including:
Our solution architects work closely with clients to develop specific strategies for their organization's needs, requirements and budget, providing solutions for Windows and Unix based processes, as well as developing applications and web sites to operate in Linux, or Sun environments. Their specialty lies in We specialize in J2EE, ASP, .NET, SQL and XML for application and database development.