In a rapidly globalised and inter-connected world, businesses need to stay connected with their branches as well as customers round the clock. This calls for powerful technologies and high-performing applications which is where networking plays a crucial role as people, machines, and devices need to have ready access to those applications.

High class networking is the need of the hour as users constantly expect consistent levels of quality, security, and reliability and this becomes all the more greater since the amount of traffic and data increases and traditional network environments need to keep pace.

Accentica Group provides networking solutions that have enabled customers to stay connected with offices worldwide and their employee�s reliable access to systems, applications, and co-workers. Our range of expertise touches upon a wide range of segments from optical to ATM and Frame Relay services, enterprise to the carrier level.

An excellent team of qualified engineers with experience in multiple technologies across wire-line, optical and wireless networks and numerous vendor products including Lucent, Cisco, Nortel, Juniper and Avaya are well-placed to provide solutions that produce the results that you seek. They are well versed in various aspects of network design, network management, network security, implementation and customization of network operations and possess in-depth product knowledge as well as solid expertise in software platforms including UNIX, Sybase, Linux, Windows, and HP Openview.

By harnessing our expertise and skills, customers can acquire the best of solutions in the areas of design, integration, optimization and security to support their networks.