Multimedia Solutions

Among the most effective form of communication for marketing and advertising, Multimedia has the remarkable power of appealing instantly to customers, reach across to a greater audience and enable businesses to interact with more customers across diverse geographical locations.

Accentiqa Group offers a well-spread confluence of integrated multimedia solutions that add a new dimension to customerís efforts to make an instant impact on their target audience. Whether you want to get your existing multimedia presentation re-oriented or create a unique multimedia presentation that uses a mix of video, animation, sound and/or imagery, we have the expertise as well as the mechanism to produce the output you desire.

From audio and voice to music and video and 3D graphics, our multimedia solutions will give you the most cost-effective means to generate the most effective presentation that will deliver an amazing user experience.

Our multimedia design and production services include:
Our in-house team of talented professionals with their creative thinking and sound technical expertise can make a real difference to your business. Using proven technologies such as Macromedia Flash, After Effects, Shock Wave and Director, they produce stunning output that will generate the right impact on your target audience.